Issues With Data Classes Generated By Radzen - Missing OnDelete(DeleteBehavior.ClientSetNull)


I have an existing database and a generated Radzen .NET Web Assembly project.

Desired End Result:

Radzen application with a SQL script to create a fresh database instance (with identical database schema as original) to use for User Acceptance Testing.

Current End Result:

Errors when running SQL generated from Radzen Data Classes. Many classes are missing OnDelete(DeleteBehavior.ClientSetNull) in data Context class causing errors in script generated by script-migration -i.

Steps to Reproduce:

Please see script and video sent to support.

This issue needs to be fixed before the following issue:

Radzen does not have such capabilities at the moment. It will not create a fresh database. It only runs the security related migrations that come with ASP.NET Core Identity.

Radzen never uses DeleteBehavior.ClientSetNull. The current cascade delete implementation is described here: Correct way to disable Cascade Delete It relies entirely on the database schema as per Entity Framework Core's default configuration.

The files sent to support are not accessible to us and access has not yet been given after we requested it.