Issues with Charts in Radzen UI

So I have an issue managing a Chart. So here is what I have.

I have a Dashboard with a several Cards on them.
Inside those cards I have a Tab control. This would be to have similar charts of Data about a topic (Products)
Each tab would show a chart for Revenue, or QTY, or Gross Profit basis.
Each tab has a Select Bar and the Chart itself. The select bar is to pivot the timeframe of the Chart.

At times I have an issue selecting the actual Chart control. It displays the chart in the UI but I cannot interact with it to set the properties. When I do attempt to select the Chart, the Tab control is selected, not the Chart. This leave me unable to work with the UI. It seems somewhat random as there are times I can work with them but others where I cannot. When I hover over the control it acts as if there is no Chart and simply highlights the outline for the Tabs control.

I hope this is clear but it is difficult to explain.

Can this be reproduced in the application you have sent us?

I believe so yes. It is currently happening in my version of it to a couple of the charts. It seems to be if I add a chart to a tab and then try to come back to it to change it after I have moved away from it. When I drop it on the first time it works fine.It's when I come back to it that the problem begins.

I think the problem is the Height of the chart - it is 80%. The Height of the Tabs is set to 100%. However the Height of its Parent (the Card) isn't set. Percentage based Height needs at least some parent's Height to be set in pixels.

Does it need to be explicitly set or can I use the computed default sizing? I can't get back to the chart to modify the style properties now since I cannot get focus to to it in the UI. It actually works fine when it is published.

It can use the default size. You should also be able to select the chart from the Component picker dropdown which is above the property grid.

You were correct thanks. Funny thing, I had never used the selection box before. Nice to know I can always get to a control that way.