Issue with Dropdown when using iPad

The dropdown doesn't allow selection from the dropdown when using an iPad using Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Recreated using the dropdown demo on your demo site.

I couldn't see any problems. Here is a video of my test on an iPad.

What iOS version is your iPad using?

It's a iPad Air (1st Gen) with iOS 12.5.2. iOS won't update any further.

I now tried on an iPad Pro latest generation with iPadOS 15.4.1 & also an iPad with iOS 14.4. This has the following issues:
I can select from the dropdown (Binding to simple collection demo) but when I try to select the same dropdown straight after making the selection the first time, the selection does not dropdown. If I select another dropdown and try the Binding to simple collection one again, it would dropdown this time.

Now if I repeat this with the Dropdown with placeholder in the demo, there is no such issue in this one.

But I noticed with the Dropdown with placeholder demo, the keyboard popped up every time I made a selection but not in the Binding to simple collection demo

This seems to be a regression in all browsers. We will address it.

Hi @kirank,

The issue was caused by the new property OpenOnFocus and already fixed. Please set it to false until we release the fix later this week.