Issue with Delete Button Disappearing After Adding New Field to Table

I recently introduced a new field to the table and regenerated the screens. However, upon configuring the data grid to incorporate this new field, I observed that the delete button vanished from both the user interface (UI) and the underlying code.

The delete button is generated when:

  1. The table has a primary key defined
  2. You have not unchecked Allow deleting in the configuration window.

I used the configuration wizard but I don't see the options you mentioned.

Those are available in the CRUD pages wizard. Your screenshot is from the DataGrid configuration wizard - it doesn't support deleting.

I am sure that I never deselected the Allow deleting button which is turned on by default.

The only thing I did was running the Configuration Wizard to include the newly added variable to the grid UI and that's where the delete button disappeared.

Before running the Configuration wizard, the delete button was still there.

I repeated the same steps with another table and data grid in another screen and it produced the same issue, the delete button disappears from the UI and the underlying code.


I have shared a video recording of the issue in an email with the subject: RE: Guidance Needed: Updating CRUD Screens for New Field in 'scope_details' Table

The existing configuration is replaced with the new one. This is how the Configuration Wizard works. To add a new column simply add the column from the property grid and set its Property.