Issue with DataGrid showing blank values for linked table description fields


I've created a page using the CRUD page template called Integrations. In the MSSQL database the Integration table is linked to an Application table using a pk/fk relationship.

The template for the Column Property in the dataGrid is set as follows

${data.Application?.ApplicationDesc} (for the From Application Column)
${data.Application1?.ApplicationDesc} (for the To Application Column)

However when the page loads the "From Application" and "To Application" columns are blank and do not show the Application Description (even though the correct PK/FK relationships exist). (Refer to first screenshot below)

When I edit a line and modify one of the column values and click save, the DataGrid will show the correct From Application Description values.(Refer to second and third screenshots below)

However when the page loads again or is subsequently reloaded the values do not display in the DataGrid (Refer to final screenshot below)

Do you know what might be causing the issue?

Many thanks,


Hi Matt,

The $expand parameter is missing for the data source method invoke. Usually when you create CRUD pages template you have option to include related entities:

this will set $expand parameter for the data source method invoke in LoadData event of the DataGrid component:

and will populate sub properties:

Best Regards,

Thanks Vladimir,

Much appreciated. I followed your suggestion and it now works perfectly.