Issue with a nested Form

I have added a nested form to log notes for a record on an existing Edit form. I have it all set but when I attempt to save a record I get an error message saying the input was not valid but I cannot see what is missing. All of the data in the POST message looks to be correct. I have attached some screen shots.

ID: null looks suspicious. What is the type of the ID column? Does it accept null as a valid value?

That is the Primary key field and is an auto-increment Identity field so the DB assigns the next value.

This probably means that it doesn't accept null as a value. Where is this null value coming from? Do you initialize it somehow? Attaching the JSON of the page would shed more light.

I needed to remove ID from the form. I checked another page that used a Form from a similar table. I do not pass the ID at all. Once I removed it it would save without issue. Now I'm having an issue with the Datalist on the right. It recognizes that there are so many records assosiated but I think I have an issue with my Template. My Textarea boxes for each record I submitted are all showing the same data in the first row. The 2nd row of the template seems fine showing all the separate time stamps.


We will to somehow reproduce that one as it doesn't sound as a known issue. Can it be reproduced with the files that you have provided before?