Issue using RadzenDataFilter with DateTime in Italy

Hello, there's a problem using DateTime filter with the RadzenDataFilter component using ToODataFilterString method. I get an error "System.FormatException: 'String '24/07/2023 19:15:40' was not recognized as a valid DateTime." when I try to use it.
I'm in Italy and, as you can see, here the DateTime format differ from the one that CultureInfo.InvariantCulture produces. So, the lines of code:

1317 var value = $"{filter.FilterValue}";


1333 value = $"{DateTime.Parse(value, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, System.Globalization.DateTimeStyles.RoundtripKind).ToString("yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffZ")}";

in the file Radzen.QueryableExtension are inconsistent becouse the first uses the local format, while the second uses the CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, producing the error.
I think that a solution could be to introduce a line of code:

value = Convert.ToDateTime(filter.FilterValue).ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

immediately before the line 1333.
I would have liked to make a pull request on GitHub but I'm not so good with it:-)
Thank you very much.

Thanks! We’ve added the fix and it will be released later today.

Thank you for the fast response! If I may say so, there's another improvement I can suggest you:
there are some scenarios where it would be very useful, in terms of flexibility, to have access to the "properties" field of the RadzenDataFilter, but it's defined as "internal".
May be it would be better to have a public getter for this field.
Thank you again


what a wonderful world! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks