IsLoading indicator never ends

Hi guys, I'm moving existing grids to the new datagrid, but I'm having an issue with the new isloading indicator. The indicator stays on the screen even after the data is fully loaded. The query looks like this:

I'm creating the custom filter because what I need goes beyond the abilities of the editor. But it doesn't seem to be a factor as the issue still occurs without it. The query at the end of the Set ${result} doesn't seem to be a factor either.

It seems that this is occurring because I'm not using the built in Invoke method, but am instead using an Exec

return ItInventoryData.GetEquipment();

instead. Is there a different way I could do this and have the isLoading indicator work correctly?


Hi @SloSuenos,

Check this thread for more info:
Busy Indicator for Blazor (Serverside)

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Oh! Not what I expected.

Still, a useful property though.

Thanks @enchev