Is there an updated guide for drag and drop using radzen studio & web assembly?

hi guys

we have started building a JSON form buiilder / form reader for our project while running a few experiments, i have attempted to replicate the guide for drag and drop

this will form the basis of the form builder, but after getting this together, we don't have drag and drop capability.

is there an updated guide for this ?

The project seems to work as expected.

hey Korchev, yeah thanks i have no doubt the project is correct, the issue is i haven't been able to replicate the success with a blazor web assembly project

i have been able to follow the guide, make the application compile and run in Radzen Studio, but i'm not getting the click and drag to work

ahh okay so some progress

i have managed to get it working, however the drag event only appears to work when you highlight some text in the "Dragable"

i.e. i can't click and drag the label (button) and drag it, but when i highlight some text in the area and then click to drag i am able to drag the item.

not sure why ... very strange

Example works for me as expected too...
I´m glad, that drag and drop is possible with Radzen, as it comes more and more demanded by our clients.

My question:

Is it possible to change the cursor to "forbidden" when dragging to "Can´t drop here"?

My dropzones are flexible, depends on the item you choose, you can drop it on different zones. At the moment I can drop it on a not allowed zone and nothing happens. Thats good, but it would be great, if the user sees before dropping, that the zone is not valid.