Is the community edition much use?

I liked the look of Radzen, and thought I'd give it a shot after using Blazorise (which I also like - a lot) but Radzen has a few additional features.

I installed it, made it work and it seems fine, untill I tried to customise it. I don't want themes, I can't justify paying for it as I only ever put together prototyped for clients to demonstrate principle. But I'm happy to paddle my own canoe and use the forums etc. (which I also contribute to in other areas).

I am on the edge of abandoning it however, because I fear this is not a real community edition. The Radzen guys have gone to extreme lengths to make it so that if you want to alter any of the styling, it seems you have to modify each style individually with an override. Which would be fine, if it was easy to do, but it really doesn't seem to be so.

This is obviously to 'encourage' people to use the paid edition... which I totally get. They are a business after all... however. I am also in business, and I wonder how many other consultants are out there, knocking out prototypes - without Radzen.

I realise that 200k isnt too much these days for the default-base css class file, but I would like to be able to alter its base colour scheme without having to override every element. I guess that would cause a problem to Radzen as the community edition would become useful. However, I would contend that this is a short sighted view.

Or did I miss something and it is really easy?

Hey @brett,

Radzen.Blazor is a FREE and open source component library under MIT license:

The source code of the themes is part of our repo and you can create your own theme similar to the other themes.

The community version is for Radzen - lowcode tool for building Blazor and Angular applications visually.

Apologies for using the incorrect term. Ok, so to modify the themes, I need to download it and build it myself from the Git repo? Is that what you are saying? I can do that of course, and might give it a try, however I have already spent a couple of days evaluating and not sure how much more I can justify. Myabe I was spolied with Blazorise's theme control which is simple to set up in the program.cs of the client app. Or again, apologies if so, did I miss something?

Yes, this is what I’ve suggested. The themes are built from scss, the css is included in the assembly and registered like this in the application:

Ok, thanks, I'll give it a go.