Is "select all" checkbox option is removable from DropDown?

Hi Radzen team,

I have some query regarding the RadzenDropDown for Blazor component as below:

  1. Can we remove this highlighted Select All checkbox from the dropdown?

  2. And can we design the dropdown(as shown below) with the help of any props, so that no text will be there under the checkboxes?

Shloke Ghenghat.

Hi @Shlok,

Select all option is not available when Multiple is set to false. You can define your own item template with no wrap CSS or you can use additional CSS rules to extend/modify default item style - check your browser inspector for more info about DropDown CSS classes.

Hi @enchev,

Thanks for your swift response.
Could you please suggest if intentionally I want to use Multiple=true and still with no "select all" checkbox option?

Shloke Ghenghat

Excuseme How to make checkbox select all like this but we check

When i check some item it make select all becuase i write per each i tem

please help.

Hi, were you able to hide select all. I am also looking for the same.

Hi @enchev - is it possible to remove the 'Select all' option even from a multiple dropdown?