Is Radzen right for me?


I’m trying to figure out if Radzen is a good solution for me. I’ve got a small application I need to develop but I’m not a coder. I do have frontend experience and can read through dotnet code.

These are the features I need:

  • login
  • list of survey style questions to add, edit
  • ability to save a table of 1-50 data inputs consisting of text inputs and drop downs
  • a display page that uses formulas to manipulate the previously entered data to display adjusted data
  • ability for use to save results and come back and view them

I’m a little worried I’ll get started and then be stuck after the initial survey / crud screen.



Hi @Zenmonkey
The features you list are likely feasible but you might need to provide more details on your specific requirements.
For instance login can have different requirements for different companies?

  • standard forms based with username/password, email confirmation
  • web forms based with custom login via external providers, 2FA, custom corporate password policy, SMS etc
  • windows login
  • active directory/B2C
  • multiple tenants using single database, isolated databases and company signup

The online demos at Demo applications created with Radzen demonstrate many of the built in features although some features might only be available when developing using the blazor version.

Thank you for the reply. Just any login is fine.

I started trying to build my app and ran into a couple of issues.

If I update the db schema, I’ve had to start over again to sync with the new schema.

The same thing happened trying to edit a simple CRUD page. I wanted to remove one field but can’t find a way to edit the associated SQL so it keeps failing on insert.

I’m going to try starting over again but obviously starting over won’t work when I get further along.

@Zenmonkey ,
Did you infer the data source after amending the database schema?

If you have not customized the screens/code you can select the option to overwrite existing pages.
If you have customized the screens/code do not select the option to overwrite existing pages. You will need to manually implement the fields to screens etc.
It is recomended to add the projects to source code before updating the schema just in case you need to rollback.

Thanks! I'll try that next time.