Is it possible to translate the Multi-Dropdown string about selected items

hello, I have a dropdown that allows multiselect, and as in this picture,
when I select more than 3 items, the dropdown will display the string:

"x items selected"

radzen issue multi dd

as I'm in the process of translating this project, is it possible to translate this string here?
Do we have any power over its content? Thank you

Did you try the MultipleItemsSelectedText property?

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@korchev I completely missed this property!!!
Thank you very much.

I have an additional question about this, as I'm translating the project, I See that this line hasn't been automatically added to the XLF files, I assume it's due to the presence of code in the string (the {0} part).

So as for Conditional tooltips I would create multiple buttons, each one with the right tooltip, and show them conditionally, as you suggested in another thread, in this case I cannot do the same, as the String to translate is not conditional.

An idea I just had was to do the following, and I would like a feedback from you, if you think it's possible.

Declare 1 new property like this:

myVar = {en-GB: "items selected", de-CH: "translation in german", fr-CH: "translation in french"};

then I know that ${locale} stores the current value, which could be one of : en-GB, de-CH and fr-CH.

So in the property field from your screenshot, I could bind that to this code:

{0} ${myVar[locale]}

so basically, it would take the right object property, based on my locale value.

Could this work? I'm not sure because of the "{0}" part there, maybe I need to change the syntax?

Indeed, this is an issue. Try changing the default value so it will be generated in the output code e.g. {0} items selected. (with a . at the end). We will address that with the next Radzen release.

Should work. Did you try it?

@korchev no I did not try, as your first solution worked great! As soon as I edited that string, it has been added to the XFL files and can be correctly translated!!