Is it possible to filter data containing date and time in RadzenDatePicker by date only?

Sorry for the elementary question.

I would like to use FilterTemplate in RadzenDataGrid and use filtering by RadzenDatePicker.

Based on the following document, I was able to enable Datapicker, but the filter does not work properly.

In the sample, the data is date only, but the data I want to filter also includes time.

In other words, if I select October 24 in the data picker, I want to extract all data for that date.

But the FilterValue property is specified as FilterValue=@endDate?.Date as in the sample, but it does not work.
I am thinking that perhaps because the time is not included, there is no matching data and therefore it is not displayed.

Can you please advise me how to achieve a display format of date and time, but only filter on date?

Sorry for the taken picture, not the screenshot.

Make sure you are using the Date part of the DateTime as in our demo:

Thanks for the response.

Is it the Property="HireDate.Date" part?
As you advised, the part of my code that corresponds to HireDate was DateTime?(nullable type), so I modified it to DateTime.

But it behaves strangely.
I enter the date in the datepicker, but the filter does not work at this time.
But when I clear the date, the filter works.
Why is this?

Also, my bad explanation, but I want the Start and End columns of the DataGrid to also display the time, so if I specify Date, it will only display the date.
Is it possible to have the DataGrid display the time as well, but have the data picker filter only by date?

Filter works when you leave the DatePicker component, not as you type. There are columns in the same demo showing how to define Template to display whatever info you need in the cells.