Is it possible to do server side multi selection with the datagrid?

I see there is server side paging and sorting but when using those how do you also do server side selection? If you select all, not all of the rows will be loaded in the client.

There is no such feature offered by EF or a service we know.

How do you handle large sets of data when wanting to do multiple selections? When selecting multiple rows the rows are saved as another collection. That seems inefficient and not scalable if there was a large collection before and select all happens.

I’m afraid we are not aware of any service or framework that offers something similar.

The Radzen team can accomplish mark-all scalability by representing "All" mark as a separate state and identifying the individual checks as a set of exceptions to the All state. In other words, when All is marked then the set of marked items is the inverse of what is displayed as marked. For example, if All is marked and the user unchecks row #3 then only row 3 is in the set of marked items. If All is not checked and the user checks row #3 then only row 3 appears in the set of marked items. This state would need to be preserved when paging.

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