Is it possible to consume a query string param (Id) sent from an outside program

I am using Radzen IDE to scaffold out a lot of CRUD pages.
For some of them, I want to just pass and ID on a query string generated outside of the application into specific Radzen IDE generated pages.

Is it possible to consume that ID passed on on a query string then use that to pass in for the record to load in a grid or in a form?

I have a differnet blazor application I don't have time to build out dozens of look up tables, I just want to pass over the ID and have the Radzen IDE form or grid load the dang thang :smile:

Any way to do that?

Radzen generates normal Blazor application and you can do everything that you can for all other Blazor applications - for example use:

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@enchev Thanks so much for your guidance Vladimir. This is only my second day using Radzen. To use the QueryHelpers.ParseQuery().... Should I break open a code editor? If so, will that break future page builds... OR.... Is there a way to write that function in the IDE itself in C#?

I get what you are saying and can do it blazor native, what is the best way to do that using the IDE first approach?

To execute arbitrary code in Radzen you can use Execute action. You can also extend any page using the generated page partial class.

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Here is how Radzen does it in the code navigated in the default login page: How to read page url/query parameter? - #4 by korchev