Is it possible, radzen use AD to do validation?

Is it possible, radzen use AD to do validation?

For example, My Radzen application have connected to AD successfully, but now I want to do a validation on validate whether the user is exists or not on create page.

Is this doable?

Hi @cllor80,

I am afraid I don't understand what this means. At the moment Active Directory is used just to authenticated a user and later check if it belongs to a specified group or groups. You can check the code that Radzen generates to see how the API is used.

Sorry that I'm confusing you.

I have a textbox in my create form, and I want to validate the user exists or not in AD using this textbox?

Is it doable?

It should probably be doable via custom code similar to the one Radzen uses to implement AD authentication. Does your application use AD for login?

Yes, the AD used for login as well.

Okay, understand is doable but have to gone through custom code.

Thank you.