Invoke Data source requires argument that does not exist


Got an issue where Radzen seems to be blocking me from running my app because I am trying to invoke a stored procedure.

The procedure in question does not require any parameters, it is a simple select parameter that has a few joins in between tables.
The procedure actually runs if I do not attempt to add parameters. The moment I try to order by or filter the data, regardless of how many filters/sort's, Radzen always returns a:
"No overload for method 'GetC3HpvProjectSelects' takes 1 arguments"

"GetC3HpvProjectSelects" being the procedure.

I do already reference the stored procedure earlier on the form's "onload" to populate the grid where the data will be displayed.

This specific invoke is where I try to filter the data of the grid to be more specific on the territory's representative then repopulate the grid with the filtered data.

This would run:

This would not run:


You are right. Query builder is not supported for stored procedures at the moment - we will do our best to either implement it or if not possible disable this in the next update.