Invoke Custom method not working

Hi Team,
I am no longer able to setup click or submit handlers using the Invoke Custom method action. Selecting the option just displays the empty Radzen app window with top menu but menu options no longer work.
Have also tried creating a new project but same result.
does not appear to contain any related error

Hi @mumfie,

What is your Radzen version?

Current version is 2.13.1

It seems to be related to the IDE if not an existing handler. I copied an existing working custom handler from another file direct to the json file and all the custom methods are then available and it works at runtime.

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@mumfie indeed the problem is related to the IDE. We are working on a fix.

can we have the previous version setup?

We have just released Radzen 2.13.2 which contains a fix for this issue.

You can download earlier versions like this:

Bear in mind that Radzen will still download the latest release and ask you to restart and update.

Thanks @korchev
The fixed version now works