Introduction to unified blazor template for .net 8 in radzen blazor studio

I would like to introduce you to the unified Blazor template for .NET 8 in Radzen Blazor Studio. I have created a small HR app using this template. The app is designed to render in auto mode, meaning that it initially renders as a Blazor server application and then switches to a WebAssembly application after the Blazor bundle has been downloaded.

To set up the application, I have created the application database using a starter script. I have also added a data service to the application. After running the application for the first time, I will show you the structure of the application.

For security purposes, I have added ASP.NET Core Identity to the application. Additionally, I have created some roles and users.

You can find the source code and Transact-SQL query for creating the application database on this GitHub repository: GitHub - benjaminsqlserver/HrApp


I'm in the middle of development of a Blazor server app.

It uses API calls that I copied into the app from a sample/baseline WASM app.

I'll need to build a mobile app that interacts with my database and uses native phone functions (so can't use PWA)

I don't have a great answer for why I chose Server App vs. WASM in the first place. It's an internal business application so that is probably why I chose Server (plus that is most of my experience).

Would you recommend starting over with an Interactive Auto rendering mode (would just use it globally vs. component by component)?

I have to think about how long it would take to redo my customization on my current app, I don't think it would be too bad...

I don't even know if I would notice the difference to be honest.

I think it is a matter of wanting to build the app to the latest and greatest available at the time. I'm already targeting .NET 8 so would just be utilizing the latest Blazor rendering model.

I think it will help me with mobile app dev down the line?

I think another option would be to modify my existing app to use Interactive Auto? Don't think I want to tackle that. I'd rather start with a fresh app.

Would appreciate any comments/recommendations, thank you!

I will recommend starting over with auto

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