I tried to change my app to internationalization. When runnig, this error appears:

Can someone help me?
Many thanks.

Hi @denise,

We can't reproduce such a problem. Is there anything specific in your application?

Hi @korchev
I don't think so. Would it be helpful to download a newer version of radzen (I have 2.18.4)? And if yes, is it then also necessary to have more than .net core 2.2? Because I have no influence on that.
If there is no way, I perhaps can do it with an own label table. There are not so many words to translate. Is it possible to have a property for all pages, not only for one? For the language code?

Yes, you can try either downloading a new version or reinstalling the one you are currently using. Existing applications can use 2.2 for the time being - only new ones default to 3.1.

With the new version it's running :slight_smile:
But now, I have another question. I will open a new topic.