Inline edit compound primary key

Should the data in line edit work with a compound primary key?
I cannot get the add new to create a row and wonder if this is the reason.

Works with Northwind OrderDetails where the key is complex (OrderID and ProductID):

I just tried a new blank app and the add button does not create a row. VS debug and logs show no issues. I am using WebAssembly .NET5 on a PostgreSQL database with a partitioned table. Here is the create table:

CREATE TABLE strax.st_rx_notification_types (
	tenant_id int8 NOT NULL,
	notification_type varchar(500)  null,
	spare1 text null,
	spare2 text null,
	spare3 text null,
	CONSTRAINT st_rx_notification_types_pkey PRIMARY KEY (tenant_id,uid)
PARTITION BY LIST (tenant_id);
CREATE TABLE strax.st_rx_notification_types_1 PARTITION OF strax.st_rx_notification_types FOR VALUES IN ('1');
CREATE TABLE strax.st_rx_notification_types_2 PARTITION OF strax.st_rx_notification_types FOR VALUES IN ('2');
CREATE TABLE strax.st_rx_notification_types_3 PARTITION OF strax.st_rx_notification_types FOR VALUES IN ('3');

Can you see if this works for you please?
P.S. I tried creating a page for the base table and another page for a partition table direct. Both have the same issue. The add button and code is created but does not create a row at runtime.

P.P.S. The table is empty to start with.

Can you debug the code? Do you get error? Will the code run?

The code runs, no errors. Step into just glides over with no errors raised.
I just added a row to the table in SQL and now the add button works. My gut feel is that the insertrow fails when the results IEnumerable is empty.
Maybe not fail but is adding to null???