Inherit listbox to add CanSelectAll parameter

I am wanting to remove the "select all" checkbox from the multi-select listbox. Can I create my own custom control which inherits from RadzenListBox or DropDownBase, and perhaps copy paste radzenListBox.razor and add a property called CanSelectAll (bool) ?

Are there any example of creating my own control based on a radzen control when Radzen doesn't have the properties I need?


Maybe it will be easier to hide it using CSS:

div.rz-listbox-header > div.rz-chkbox {

Yes. That is what has been done on our side as a work around. For best practice, I am looking for guidance on extending the RadzenListBox to add an additional parameter on the code side. For example, do I need to use a buildertree approach where I would "remove" what ListBox is trying to render, and add my own snippet? Or would I inherit from a radzen base class and build my own ListBox? I am getting a list of best practice options.

There is no way to inherit a component and remove parts of it. The only way is to create your own custom component.