Infer Schema Not Picking up New Views

I'm doing the infer schema once again as I have added more views to my database and would like to call them.
I've tried the infer a few times and just doesn't seem to show the get operations for the 2 new ones I made.
Any thoughts on how to figure why its not working?


Check the meta/data if the views are retrieved and saved as meta code.

I don't see the two new ones in there, but the file has a date modified changed
We re-newed our license, wouldn't be a license thing some how would it? (3.3 KB)

Database infer is not related to licensing in any way since this is something available in the community version as well. Have you checked the new views during infer?

This screenshot doesn’t show that you’ve checked the missing views. Go to next step and make sure that missing views are listed and checked in the tree.

Hey @BillP,

Are you going to expand the Views branch of the tree to check what I’ve already suggested several times?

Not sure what you mean....Are you talking about this option...which is checked during infer.

Thats probably it didn't what you meant.Will try that again with them checked of course this time.

Well, I’m afraid I cannot explain it in better way. Obviously not all views are checked and that’s why they are not part of the inferred meta. When you add something in your database, a table, view or stored procedure during infer in Radzen you need to explicitly check the new objects in the tree on the right side.

Thank you, only did this once before now I know the drill.