Infer Schema Error

I’m using “Infer Schema” with MS SQL Server data. After selecting the 9 tables in my DB and clicking on Finish, I get
the message “Tables are excluded and the following relations will not be imported:” and it lists 6 of the selected 9 tables. All of the tables have a primary key and 1 table is related to the other 8 tables. What do I need to do to get my tables loaded?

Hi Larry,

This sounds as a DB configuration which Radzen doesn’t handle properly at this point. In order to troubleshoot we would need more info about your DB schema. Is there any chance to provide us either a DB diagram (a screenshot) or SQL create script (without the actual data) over email ( This would allow us to recreate the same environment and see what is going on.


This is the same problem I have as well.

Unfortunately we will need more info about the actual DB schema in order to reproduce the problem. This message means that tables which are part of a relationship (foreign key constraint) have been filtered out for some reason (e.g. lack of a primary key). The message is also displayed if the user manually unchecks some of the tables and they happen to be part of a constraint. Pressing OK in that message dialog should still import some tables.

Hi Korchev, i sent you an email relating to this problem.

@Commodore64 Thanks, we will investigate and report our findings!

Hi @Commodore64,

We’ve fixed your case and tomorrow we will provide official release (1.16.0).

Hi @larrywhite,

Please send us (at your DB schema if possible to check if the fix will work in your scenario as well.

Best Regards,
Vladimir (13.1 KB)
I have uploaded my normalized data model. I have built an LightSwitch app on this model and I am trying to replace LightSwitch with Radzen.

Hi @larrywhite,

Thank you very much for your schema, the fix will work for your scenario as well!

Best Regards,

Ok, it works. Thank you. Great support.