*Import* Excel workbooks

I know that the DataGrid can export to Excel or CSV files, but is it possible to import from Excel files? I would like to import either specific worksheets, or entire workbooks and display them in the DataGrid.


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Hi DavidP,

At the moment Radzen doesn't generate code that would allow you to import Excel or CSV files.

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Hi Korchev,

I just found that thread, I would like to know if importing data from excel workbook in RadZen is possible now? I have situation like, i need to upload excel file and read uploaded excel file content and save in database. Please let me know if that is possible because I am stuck on this point.
If it's not possible then is there any alternative way to do that ?

No, Radzen doesn't provide this out of the box. I suggest checking online for examples of reading excel files. I am sure you will find a lot of demos such as this one.

Thanks I will look into that