Import 2 tables(MS SqlServer) with the same name but different scheme

Hi, I need help. I have the case of a database in MS SqlServer that has two tables with the same name but with different schemas.
The point is that at the time of importing the base into the Radzen program, the system itself maps objects with different names. For example:

****** Tables in DB ******
--- CXC scheme ---
--- CXP scheme ---

****** Objects created by RADZEN ******
Documento (with CXC scheme)
CxcDocumentoDetalle (with CXC scheme)
CxpDocumento (with CXP scheme)
DocumentoDetalle (with CXP scheme)

The names of the objects are assigned in this way, which is somewhat annoying and problematic, since at first I started working with the CXC scheme, therefore, I have a screen that makes use of the "Documento" and "DocumentoDetalle" objects of the mentioned scheme. However, when
it was time to work with the CXP scheme I had this novelty, my object "DocumentoDetalle" became "CxcDocumentoDetalle" and consequently all the methods
related to the "DocumentoDetalle" object changed their name. I enclose images for a better understanding.

Please , your help with this topic.

Hi @btufino,

Your observation is correct. Indeed Radzen adds the schema as a prefix when a data source already contains a table with the same name. This is done to avoid the confusion of generating two classes with the same name.

Thanks for answering, but what is the solution?
The right thing would have been for the project to have the objects:
Documento (with CXC scheme)
DocumentoDetalle (with CXC scheme)
CxpDocumento (with CXP scheme)
CxpDocumentoDetalle (with CXP scheme)
In this case the pages that are using the "Documento" and "DocumentoDetalle" objects would no longer have a problem when importing the CXP scheme.
Or that RADZEN gives everyone the prefix, such as:
CxcDocumento (with CXC scheme)
CxcDocumentoDetalle (with CXC scheme)
CxpDocumento (with CXP scheme)
CxpDocumentoDetalle (with CXP scheme)
Currently, it seems that RADZEN is doing randomly, which is a problem if I have pages created. I don't know if suddenly there is a right way to do this without damaging the project?
Please, help me with this.


I seem to have encountered the same issue described here. I have two tables with the same name under different schemas. I developed my pages when there was only one table and once the second was added I cannot infer the schema without adding the schema name to the original table which causes errors on previously developed pages. Normally I would not have two tables with the same name, but I implemented system versioning which creates a history table of the source table.

The recently added table is inferred without the schema name, which is how I would like the original table to be inferred instead. Is it possible for me to manipulate how the tables are named in Radzen to ensure the table maintains its original name?



Not possible - you can define names for pages only.

Thank you for the quick reply. I will stop being lazy and fix my pages to account for the addition of the schema name then.