IIS seems to not run the app

After doing the manual build and deploy, following every step outline, the app seems to run, but the C# side of things seems to not run, even though it runs perfectly on radzen and the production server, when I deploy and run it on IIS all calls to the net core app seem to result in 504.

Any idea what would cause it to run perfectly in radzen but fail after being deployed?
Debugging the W3P.exe on visual studio fails to show much, same for checking the radzen logs on the server folder, which seem mostly empty

Edit: If I run the app on Radzen WHILE the IIS is running, the app in IIS works. All I have from the radzen log in the IIS server folder is this: https://pastebin.com/sHuyRKvU

Edit 2: Upon further examination, it seems that after doing the deploy, my app still tries to use the localhost:5000 instead of it's current URL so I see errors like this:
Even though the app, is running on another computer it is still trying to connect to localhost :thinking:

Check if you performed this step - edit the environment.prod.ts file and replace the paths to localhost:5000 with your production root.