IIS Deploy 500.19 error

I receive the following message after deploying to IIS and opening the page.

How can I resolve this issue?


Please check this blog post for more info:


Hi Enchev,

Thank you for the quick response. I fail to see where the information useful to this particular case is. Could you make it more clear for me?

For more information, I have installed dotnet-hosting, dotnet-sdk, and aspnetcore-runtime.

If the Error Code field was 0x80070005, the application pool identity has no access to the web content folder, which you should fix by granting the permissions.

The error code is 0x8007000d

Hmm ... you are right. Can you show me what .NET Core Windows Server Hosting you have installed? Here is what I have for example:


In this case and if you have setup enough permissions I’m out of ideas what’s going on.

I had the same error code - here is what I did:

I installed Hosting-Bundle from here:

After this I was able to start the configuration editor in IIS for the Website and there I had to set "environmemtVariables" under the section "system.Webserver/aspNetcore" as described here:

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