II Server Environment Settings For Deploy

I have a production site up and running on IIS Server which I initially followed the documentation and added the environment setting connectionstrings etc. and is working fine.
I did manual deploy using zip.

I want to point it at another sql server and instance, the database is the same name and so is login.
I tried entering the environment variable as before but using the new server and instance but doesn't seem to pick up the change, stays pointing at the original, so I'm assuming that isn't the right way or I didn't do the ConnectStrings value right?

When entering the environment variable using the configuration editor in IIS am I suppose to append the word Connection?


You should append Connection as this is what Radzen would generate. You can check the appsettings.json file to be sure. You can also edit appsettings.json itself to avoid modifying the environment.

I'm going to go try it out, bare with as I'm trying to grasp where the logic of where the radzen site pulls that connection information from.
In the help it shows during the envronment setting step that we select applicaionthost.config, is this the same config file that in the system32 inetsrv\config?

Second will that override what's in the appsettings.json or do you need both?

This is actually specific to ASP.NET Core and not Radzen. Full details are available here: Configuration in ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Learn

I am not entirely sure.

Environment settings should override appsettings.json. Do whatever is easier for you.

Thank you very much. This of course was our screw up.
When my colleague created the new database, accidently changed the database name by one tiny letter.