If user is in a certain role display form field

How do I hide a form field for a given user role?

for example:

If I have an Admin and a Regular User. I want to hide this field from the regular user. And I want the Admin user to be able to input data into the form field.

Hi @Chad_Lomax,

You can use Security.IsInRole() method. Check the profile menu items in a Radzen application with enabled default security.

I don't understand how to do it. So we have a Row, Column, Label, and number field.

Where do I put Security.IsInRole() to hide all that from unauthorized Roles?

Can it be done through the Radzen IDE or do I have to write code for it?

Blazor Server.

Is there a way to do this without adding this page to the Code Ignore List?

You do not need to use application ignore list - just set Visible property for the label and input:

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This worked. Thank you so much.