Idea: Ability to reorder event operations

Say you want to set some default values on form data before submit. Sometimes the required properties aren’t even on the form or the properties require complex data structures that cannot be represented by a form control.

To do this on submit, you can first execute javascript to change the event data and then invoke the data source method.

The problem is you cannot insert the execute javascript event before the data source method on an existing screen. If there was the ability to reorder operations then you could add the javascript operatiom and then move the it before the data source method. Problem solved.

Thanks for listening

Yes, this makes sense. We already support that for other stuff (e.g. reordering the data grid columns). Should be relatively easy to add.


Thanks @korchev. Another related idea: It would be nice if the Set Property operation could parse properties of objects. For example:

Set Property
Name: ${event}.someProperty
Value: { “prop1”: “val1”, “Prop2”: “val2”}

should generate code:

event.someProperty = { “prop1”: “val1”, “Prop2”: “val2”}

instead it does something like

this.event = { “prop1”: “val1”, “Prop2”: “val2”}

Yes, this sounds reasonable. Adding it to the backlog.