IDE won't run app in browser with modified "Urls"

In my "appsettings.json" I have "Urls": "http://*:5000" set up so all machines can get to my app. Running the app in Visual Studio opens the app in a browser successfully.

However, clicking RUN in Radzen IDE generates this error in the browser, so I have to manually type the URL in the browser:

I don't think this is an issue with Radzen. It just executes dotnet run which opens the browser. I was able to reproduce the same problem by running a vanilla Blazor application created with dotnet new blazorserver via Visual Studio Code (which also relies on dotnet run).

You are probably using Visual Studio Pro which probably starts the application with IISExpress.

Here is a related issue. The solution is to specify another full URL:

"Urls": "http://localhost:5000;http://*:5000"

I've either done "dotnet run" or ran it in VS or Radzen...never tried "watch" by hand? Yes, seems to be a bug in dotnet, and your workaround works perfectly!

Thank you!