I am speechless

Maybe because I"m old and cynical, I've been less than impressed over the last decade with support I've received from dev tool companies.

However, I have to say...you Radzen folks are AMAZING when it comes to support! The guys supporting this forum do a great job with timely, helpful responses. No BS...just brief "to the point" accurate information. I am amazed!

Also, have suggested some features/changes to the product and less than 2 weeks later, I'm flabbergasted reading the release notes....those changes made it into the production product...WHAAAAT??? I am shocked and very pleased!

Who are you people? Are you from another planet? I wish I was a rich guy, I'd buy each and every one of you all a giant steak and a bottle of wine! WELL DONE everyone....your support is very, very, very good!!

And this forum design is well done, although you might add a "new topic" button on a few of the pages...it's hard to start a new topic unless you are on the one page....

Thank you all!


Thank you for the kind words! They mean a lot to us.

The forum design isn't ours though. We use a free (and pretty great I must admit) solution - discourse. I am afraid the "new topic" button location isn't that easy to change to the best of my knowledge. We try not to customize the forum too much in order to keep upgrades easy.

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Additional: Keyboard shortcut 'c' (works everywhere)

Do not want to rub it in too much but ...
I'm also so glad that my interest in Blazor led me to stumble upon your product and happily decided to give it a try.

You have helped me out several times through unprecedented support and the impressive adaptability of the product.

From me also a big Thank you and much appreciation for all your hard work.

It would be great to have a user-group meeting in Sofia and having to chance to meet you guys in person.

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I would like to add my deep felt appreciation to Vladimir and Atanas and the rest of the team. You can be mighty proud of what you have acheived and it is a joy to have found Radzen.

Many thanks

Thanks, to the Radzen Team for adding SQLite support in the current version, The best support I have had from any development tool on the market.

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