HTMLEditor without a toolbar


Is it possible to configure the HTMLEditor to not show the toolbar at all?
I have tried to hide the toolbar but does not seem to have a setting for it since i get an error on it.
It kind of works but I get an error on it.

Is there a way to do it or can we have a "DisableToolbar" or something alike on the HTMLEditor element?

Possible approach:

or you can simply hide the toolbar with CSS.

Okay that sort of works, but i still get a small toolbar without anything:

With CSS, you mean with in Style then or?
I just want to be able to hide the toolbar in certain pages, in other pages i want the full toolbar so i don't want to do it for all HTMLEditors.
I suck at CSS so if you could give med an example I would really appreciate it.

Here is another approach:

Here is also more info on how to target HTML elements by Id and/or class:

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Okay nice, that solved it.
Thank you so very much!

I just discovered another way to hide it, without manually modifying source code. You just need to add a CustomTool item inside HtmlEditor and set its Visible property to "false".

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