HtmlEditor upload url

In the documentation, The upload url is specified like this

<RadzenHtmlEditor UploadUrl="upload/image" />

I want to use a url from an external API.
I tried adding absolute url like this

<RadzenHtmlEditor UploadUrl="http://localhost:5000/upload/image" />

but this doesn't work.

Hi @raptor22,

Can you elaborate what "doesn't work" means? What is the error message you see in your browser's developer tools during upload? There is a chance your API does not allow CORS which is needed by the upload feature..

Hi @korchev
The upload dialog doesn't open.
This is the error message in the browser console

Unhandled exception rendering component:  target.matches is not a function

This sounds unrelated. The matches function is used in two locations neither of which is the upload.