HtmlEditor insert image error ( also in demo)

When clicking on the insert image icon in htmleditor, following error is thrown

We need additional info as it works as expected in our online demos.

It doesn't happen all the time, but at random.

Also, in the image insert popup-> browse->select a image-> click "OK". controller upload/image is called.... but the image is not placed in the html editor.

I see in the demo it works... but i am not sure how can i further investigate what happens on the click of "Ok " button.

Ok, i know.. the error can be created in the demo as well.
to go Blazor HTML editor component with lots of built-in tools (> click on edit source
set string htmlValue = string.Empty; and then run
switch to example mode (where u see the editor) and click on insert image icon.
you will see error.

but if you click inside the editor and then click on the insert image, no error will be thrown.

error in browser

Here is what I see when I do that.


Do I miss something important?

As i said earlier, it doesnt happen all the time..but at random..after some attemps i was able to recreate it again ..attaching the file.

May be give this a try..
open a new tab -> go to link (demo)

  1. go to Blazor HTML editor component with lots of built-in tools (
  2. Edit source->string.Empty-> Run
  3. CLick image-> if error is not thrown
  4. GO to edit source-> run ( without any change.. so its stil string.Empty)
  5. click image-> error is thrown now....
    i was able to create the error with these steps as well