HTML Editor can't save large text

Large text (more than 5000 words or more) can't save through HTML editor, I'm getting below error. please have a look error below
[2021-11-03T09:20:12.523Z] Error: Connection disconnected with error 'Error: Server returned an error on close: Connection closed with an error.'.

<RadzenHtmlEditor Style="height: 250px; margin-bottom: 1rem;"
                          Change="@(OnChange)" />

 private async Task OnChange(string selectedValue) // selectedValue coming null for large text but for small text like 2000 words is fine.
            try {
                if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(PropertyName) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(selectedValue))
// Do stuff
            catch (Exception e)

How I can resolve this ? Thanks !

I have increased the size for Singal R and that fixed the issue now. or have you any good solutions ?

services.AddSignalR(e => {
                e.MaximumReceiveMessageSize = 102400000;
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This is the only solution in my opinion.

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Indeed what @enchev said is the only solution. Blazor server-side uses SignalR to communicate with the server and has a default maximum message size.

I too ran into this old chestnut yesterday but was able to resolve using Microsoft's suggestion of streaming the content back with a JS interop as per this:


This doesn't require changing the message size and you can configure the max size per field..

but I was unable to do this with RadzenTextarea as it didn't like me using @ref - it returned this error:
CS0029 Cannot implicitly convert type 'Radzen.Blazor.RadzenTextArea' to 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.ElementReference'

I'm happy with my solution but maybe Radzen Team can make @ref work for RadzenTextArea or the HTML field for future?

Hey @rzhv,

Please do not post duplicate posts - I've already answered in the other thread.

Yeah, sorry.. I answered the wrong one initially.. I had both open..