HTML Component doubt

Hi, the HTML Content if Data-bind to a property does not generate HTML content. Ex:
Set property myhtml to '

' then in html0 content bind to ${myhtml} it will display the text ''< div id="mydiv" >< b >Radzen</ b ></ div >' (no spaces) and not generet the html with the div and Radzen in bold.

Is that the correct behavior? or should it render the HTML like this forum does?

Here is an example how to display HTML using binding and Radzen HTML component:

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Thank you for the example.

Hi @enchev,

I tried to follow your example. It works as you have described it.

In my case, I want to use a HTML-snipped, that I use as parameter for a modal dialog. So I think I can do the same way as you have in screenshot 1, but I want to use something like

'<div id="myDiv">${parameters.Content}</div>'

instead of your example with

'<div id="myDiv"><b>Radzen</b></div>'

When I bind ${parameters.Content} to the text property of the heading, it displays the real (html)content
What do I miss?

Thanks in advance!

Strange. It works now. I try to find out what makes it working and share the solution.