How would you create the site layout?

Is it enough to only use Radzen for the website's layout? E.g. with RadzenRow and RadzenColumn.

Or would you also use Bootstrap's containers? E.g. with container Containers · Bootstrap v5.3 and columns Columns · Bootstrap v5.3. If I understand it correctly, Radzen depends on Bootstrap, so do you generally mix Bootstrap with Radzen?

Specifically, to start with, I just want to have a container with a width that's determined by the browser window's width, like the Bootstrap container. Just wondering if this is part of Radzen as well, and if there's a preferred way to achieve that. Or if you usually just use Bootstrap (or some other design library)?

Yes, it’s enough to use only Radzen components. Check also the layout category in our demos for more layout components.

Which layout component would you use if you want to achieve the same as the Bootstrap container offers? I.e. a fixed width container, whose width depends on the size of the browser window, and on mobile fills the whole width.