How to write Expression in Blazor

I would like to change the Visible property dynamically depending on the role. For this reason, I inputed the following string for Blazor code generation in Radzen 's Expression.

Visible :[Expression]
${Security.IsInRole(new string[] { "Administrator", "Manager"} )}

This input will result in an error at build time.
Does anyone know how to solve this?

In Angular, the following expression seems to be used, but in Blazor, it resulted in an error.

Also, if I enter the following code directly in the IDE, I can build it, but it seems that Radzen IDE does not recognize it correctly, and the value of the input is corrupted in editing it.
@Security.IsInRole(new string[] { "Administrator", "Manager"} )

Expressions in Blazor are C# - this is is the exact syntax. There is a problem however with ${} interpolation and we will do our best to provide fix for this in our release later today. In the meatime you can use the following expression: @Security.IsInRole(new string[] { "Administrator", "Manager" }):

Thanks @enchev,
I understood the current situation.

Hi, @enchev
Thank your very much for preparing the NEW version of Radzen.
I am using v 2.58.15 now and it works fine!

Visible :[Expressions]
${Security.IsInRole(new string[] { "Administrator", "Manager"} )}

I am very grateful to you and Radzen team for a quick response.
I will continue to use Radzen, thank you so much.