How to use the menu with events

I really like the menu control and would like to use it for a reason that doesn't use the path, but does call a method when clicked, similar to how "button @click=..." does.

Is there a way to call a method from inside of a MenuItem from where I can call an event, or some other way to call an event?


Hi @Daniel,

The menu item supports custom attributes. This allows you to set a click handler.

 <RadzenMenuItem Text="Text" @onclick="@(args => Console.WriteLine(args))">

I gave up too soon. It appears it does allow a click hanlder, but only on the first menuitems menuitem.
The menuitems have to highlight from mouse-over, and only the first one in each column will highlight.
I have tried reversing the order and it still holds true, the one that would not highlight before now highlights, and vice verse.
Edit: On a hunch I put back the style="height:120px" and this fixed it.
thank you, and your product is great! I am sure I will be a paying subscriber after this virus thing is over.