How to use Store Procedure and set the value?

This is my Store Procedure

In Radzen I use Invoke Data Source method

But i not sure why the property type return me is in IEnumerable

Radzen uses sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set_for_object which will list your procedure as one that returns collection - most probably because of the SELECT statement.

@enchev ,

would like you to share on what is the best practice?

As I want to get a random GUID generate from the Store Procedure and set it in a textbox.

@enchev ,

Do you means is prefer to create the custom method, and not go for Store Procedure?

It's a plain C#, no custom methods, no stored procedures.

@cllor80 A database SP will be slower so is there a reason it has to be done at the db level?
As suggested by @enchev you can use c# code.