How to use Radzen together with BlazorStrap?


I am trying to introduce Radzen into a blazor webassembly project, which already uses BlazorStrap.
After I integrated Radzen into the project, the following line cannot be compiled -

The error is -
The attribute 'onmouseenter' was matched by multiple event handler attributes.

Any suggestion how to solve such issue?


Hi @chg,

Welcome to the Radzen community!

The issue you are describing is caused by the solution needed to handle the mouseenter event. Since both BlazorStrap and Radzen need to handle that event both assemblies contain the same code hence the clash. Unfortunately there is no way to exclude the code.

Thanks Atanas!

I found a workaround -
In _Imports.razor, take out @using Radzen and @using Radzen.Blazor

In MainLayout.razor, use full name to refer Radzen dialog, notification, etc. -

In the component to use Radzen, add
@using Radzen
@using Radzen.Blazor

This works fine if BlazorStrap and Radzen are not used in the same component.