How to show ToolTips in RadzenGrid?

To whom it may concern,
I can't show the tooltip in the RadzenGrid.
However it can work well in the example of your website.
Could you help me?

  1. The below example can work well.
    Free Blazor Components | 60+ controls by Radzen

My code can't show the tooltip.
show error

@page "/counter"

@using Radzen
@using Radzen.Blazor


<RadzenGridColumn TItem="RowBinding" Property="" Title="1" />
<RadzenGridColumn TItem="RowBinding" Property="" Title="2" />
<RadzenGridColumn TItem="RowBinding" Property="aa" Title="aa" />

@code {

public class RowBinding
public string aa { get; set; }

private List<RowBinding> RowBindings = new List<RowBinding>()
new RowBinding(){ aa = "Hello123456789123456789123456789123456789"}

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That demo is using the newer (and recommended) RadzenDataGrid. You seem to be using the older RadzenGrid. Try updating your code.