How to Set Start Page of Blazor App?

How to Set Start Page of Blazor App?
My Current Start Page is Login Page, I want to Display another Page on App startup....
How can i Do that...

I'm using RBS 1.28 Latest Version,

Usually the start page is the one with / route. Maybe it will be good to read the official framework documentation since this has nothing to do with RBS:

Yeah, I already did that, But I want to navigate to Different page When I click Login Button on Login Form Created By RBS, It Redirects to "/" Page.
I tried to add Login Button Click Event & navigate it to another Page, But it redirects again back to Login Page.

Hi @Owais_Raza,

This is how security works - when you try to access a page that needs an authenticated user you are redirected to the login page. You can find more info how to configure the page access in Radzen Blazor Studio here.

I got it, Can you have me with the Login Button Event, When i use the Login Button Click event it redirects to the Login Page again, The problem is it Redirect Even before the authentication confirmation, i want it to navigate after authentication, I'm using Login Button Click Event -> Navigate to Page....

All i need is to Know How to Configure Login Button Click Event -> Navigate to Page....

Authentication happens by submitting the user credentials to the AccountController. The login button submits the form and handling its Click event won't do anything. If you want to navigate after authentication to some page you can update the Login method in AccountController.

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Much Appreciated!

Helped me a lot!