How to prevent grid contents stacking

I'm using a Grid to display some secondary information that is not critical and want the sizing to be fixed so the user can scroll to the side if they wish on a mobile and not have the grid resize.

I thought I'd drop it into a table to fix the size but when I go under 768 px width the contents of the grid stack although the headings do as I wish. Is there a way to prevent the rows stacking on smaller screens. Here is my Grid sitting inside the table. If you can think of any way to do this. The column headers do not stack it's only the contents of each row.

Item Details

@String.Format("{0:d}", workItem.Date)
wider screen ![image|270x180](upload://ssCoH7BgvSYqRZZ1yY7FtXkLZ7o.png)

below 768px

You can set Responsive to false.

Brilliant!! how did I miss that LOL thank you for the prompt response, just out of curiosity is this a property of all your components?

It’s just for the grid for now however it might be added to other components in the future.

OK thanks for your help