How to prevent encoding of url parameters



How can i prevent URL parameters from being encoded?

Page 1:
Based on REST data source_1;
Datagrid with button column that passes the object id for that row to a new Dialog Page.

Page 2 (being used as a dialog):
Based on REST data source_2;
But here, there are additional parameters in the URL: a json object in simple format
I'm using the Expression box to type in the above query.

Currently, it doesn't work. The Chrome dev tools show that the app is trying to access the URL after encoding the json object, which is not desirable.

How do i prevent this automatic encoding?


Hi @shrey,

I’m afraid that passing json as url parameters is not possible.

Hi @enchev,

What about a string with special characters, as url parameters?


So, it seems that the url encoding is not really an issue for my API.
The problem is with the page parameter value not being included in the encoded url.

As you can see in the first image, the page parameter ${parameters.continent_id} has been used.

But, after deploying, the url still contains "this.parameters.continent_id" instead of the actual id.

Where am i going wrong in this?

@enchev It's working finally.
The expression syntax was at fault.