How to position the validator message

Hello @ll .

I've followed the validator examples here on the radzen site ...

<RadzenLengthValidator Component="component" Min="7" Text="component muss mindestens 7 Stellen haben!" Popup=@true Style="position: absolute;" />

but this leads to the validator-message displayed at the right end of the component-textbox ...
I'd like to display the message like in your examples below the component-textbox but beginning at the front - how do I achieve that?

-- And while I'm at it - we design the webassembly to be used on tablets outside - so how do I get the message-text to a reasonable font-size of 24px ? or can I just add this to the Style-attribute of the validator? -- solved that one myself

You can check here: LengthValidator component

We usually apply "display: block" so the validator appears after the component. You can also position it in any way you see fit.

Yes, display:block on the form-element solved that for me as well - (and giving the validator-message a z-index as otherwise the next form-element will hover over the validator-message

solved, thank you