How to pass Primary Key (autoincrement) on Create method`?

hello, I m trying to use a Create method with the Invoke,

what I do is I simply pass the whole object with all the properties like:

{name: null, surname: null}

my table also has a PK that is userID, but it's autoincrement, so if I do

{userID: null, name: null, surname: null}

I won't get an error on Runtime, but the method won''t work,
but if while Radzen is started, I remove


then the Create method works, but as soon as I try to Stop/Run radzen, it won't compile and it says:

Property 'userID' is missing in type

so what is going on? what s the right synthax for the create method? when you have an autoincrement PK, how do you pass it?

When the primary key us auto-increment you do not need to pass it - it will be created by your database.

@enchev thank you for the answer, if i don't pass the PK, what I get in the Radzen Console when I try to run the app from Radzen is:

Property 'userID' is missing in type

and the Build fails.

I noticed that if I run the app with the "userID: null" and then, once the app is running, I remove from my object the userID parameter, it will reload the app, and now it works and I can make SQL Inserts.

But if I stop the app and then run it again, it will say

Property 'userID' is missing in type

so I need to add it, start the app, remove it, and it works...

so there is something wrong

@AJ1 @ava_pmi you have two forum accounts? I suggest you to check how CRUD pages created with wizard will execute createXXX methods.

@enchev oh didn't notice, I'm at home now and wanted to login in the account I made at work, but I forgot I have a different google account at home, and I did login with Google! My bad!

Anyway I will check that out, but it's really strange that in the console I get that error message about PK attribute missing..

I'll check on Monday the CRUD pages thing and update you in case I don't solve it, thank you